Another unarmed man was killed by police, just two days after the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death. 

19-year old Christian Taylor was shot by Arlington police officer Brad Miller, who was still completing his department field training and had never before fired his service weapon. As of now Miller has been placed on administrative leave. 

Police chief Will Johnson said that Miller and another officer found Taylor “freely roaming” the dealership showroom when they arrived sometime after 1 a.m. on Friday. 

The officers told Taylor to surrender and lie to ground but he refused, Johnson said. The officers pursued him as he tried to escape the showroom.

The incident ended with Miller shooting 4 times at Taylor and striking him two times at least, according to Johnson. The officer with Miller, which was his field-training officer, used his Taser, and not a gun.

Police responded to the scene when they were advised that someone had drove a car onto the lot, started to damage another vehicle, and then drove the vehicle into the showroom of the dealership.

Taylor was just 19-year old, and was a defensive back for Angelo State. Stay tuned with us as more details emerge.

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