The power that music has to transcend beyond life and death is mind blowing. Just ask the personal loved ones- family, friends and the musical network of Far Rockaway native and rapper Chinx that show us, you can’t kill someone great when the mark they leave behind is boundless.

The untimely death of rising Hip Hop star and Coke Boy, Chinx on May 17 in Jamaica, Queens came at a whirl wind of a time in his career. The Chinx buzz was not only growing but anticipation for his freshman album Welcome To JFK was on everyone’s radar. Heavily noted and recognized by his mentor French Montana as the, “No.1 Coke Boy” among his connections to people like P.Diddy and the Kardashians it was no doubt that a star was upon us.

There lied the biggest hurdle of adversity for the Chinx team to overcome… Where do we go from here? Going from recording and listening sessions just days before his fatal death to planning a funeral and figuring out how to pick up the pieces, a dramatic ordeal unfolds. Not only for the sake of Chinx and what he would have wanted but for all the amped up fans patiently awaiting his album they knew what had to be done.

The number one person on Chinx’s roster is Doug “Biggs” Ellison, his manager and executive producer of Welcome To JFK who says, “I literally went from planning an album, to planning a funeral, and then got right back to finishing up this album. It kind of helped me through the grieving process because I had something to do every day. So between his family, the wife, the kids, and this music, I’ve just been submerged in his presence and doing what he would want me to do to make sure the legacy stays strong and alive.”

Esteemed indie music group, eOne’s own Gabrielle Peluso, who Chinx signed to at the beginning of the year also added, “Once we got past the funeral, we sat back down and we just readjusted. Now that we didn’t have him, people were rushing me. I had outsiders [saying], ‘You have to put the album out now.’ I was like, ‘You guys, I don’t have a finished [album]. It’s not done right this second. It’s almost done, but it’s not fucking done.’ I’m not going to jeopardize the integrity of this project because of pressure.”

Through not only the sacrifice and diligence of Biggs but keynote players like Peluso, French Montana, Max B, Zack and the rest of the Coke Boys as well his musical team from eOne Music and the heavy hitter production behind 85% of JFK are Four Kings, Young Stokes and Blickie Blaze; Amazin’ Music Group’s, Lee on the Beats, Bkorn, Austin Powerz, Roc da Producer, Mae N Maejor, Jabarrie, Golden Boy, K-beatz, and Nathan Anthony; and songwriter/singer/rapper MeetSims, we have Chinx’s posthumous debut Welcome To JFK in its entirely being released on Aug 14th.

Chinx’s first new single “On Your Body” which dropped June 2 totally switches gears from street anthems like “Feelings” that we’re accustomed to getting from him. As Chinx had been working hard to bring versatility to his style and music as well as portray a cleaner image formerly dropping “Drugz” from his name, his team was also taking every step to highlight his growth in his debut project. The video takes it a step further in highlighting Chinx on a more personable level as a family man and husband, starring his wife Janelli Pickens and their children. In the beginning stages Chinx had gone around pitching the song to different radio stations. With just one verse and the hook done producer Bkorn recalls, that Chinx already knew the direction he wanted his album to go in. Featured artist on the track MeetSims says, “We knew people weren’t expecting that. But it fits so right for him, so it sounded perfect.”

With every ounce of struggle and pain tied into laughs and uncanny moments remembering Chinx and putting together this body of work it comes at no surprise that this is not the last of Chinx that we’ll be hearing.  Talks have already begun of a second album being released on his birthday Dec 4. There are a least 20-30 unreleased songs that can be used towards fourth coming projects according to his producers as well as a collaborative body of work by Chinx and MeetSims. Last but not least on the list is French Montana, who is working on Mac & Cheese: The album. French promises to deliver Chinx on his sophomore album as well collaboration from he and Coke Boy member Zack.

It’s safe to say we’ve only seen the beginning of what the Chinx dynasty has in store. His front runners have committed themselves to keeping his music alive for all his fans. As we tune in to the releases of Chinx music to come we can only hope that it embodies that classic hip hop tone that will transcend through generations of hip hop to come. Most importantly we hope it will truly honor everything his team is fighting to hard to accomplish in bringing Chinx’s vision to life.

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