Get with the times people if you want to keep your love and sex life flourishing.

“Sexting” is definitely a commonality now a days and a study carried out by researchers at Drexel University confirms it. Complex magazine details that the study shows about 88% have sexted at least once in their life while 82% of those have sexted at least once within the past 12 months. In layman’s terms, the more a person sexts directly goes hand and hand with a higher level of satisfaction achieved during sex overall. Unfortunately people who listed as “single” in the study scored dramatically lower in comparison to those in a healthy “relationship.”

In the study those surveyed were asked how much they engaged in the types of “sexting” listed below according to NBC 2:

Lead researcher Emily Stasko’s online survey asked respondents to rate on a scale of one to five how often they sent or received the following:

— Sexually suggestive photos

— Photos in lingerie or underwear

— Nude photos

— Sexually suggestive texts

— Explicit texts propositioning sexual activity

So what have we learned today class— A sext a day is more helpful to our well-being than harmful.


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