Ralkina Jones was a 37 year old woman found dead in a a Cleveland Heights jail cell on July 26. In body camera footage that has just been released by the city’s police force Jones is shown explaining her medical conditions and the pills she takes for them. Word for word she is shown telling the officers:

“I’m not asking any exceptions to any rules, but what I will tell you is: I don’t want to die in your cell.”

Jones told officers that she had experienced a traumatic brain injury due to her abusive ex husband, and she was in jail in the first place for supposedly assaulting him. She also told officers she had ADHD, depression and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a condition that causes fainting when standing up from a seated position. Jones also told the officers that not everyone in charge was aware of her conditions and it concerned her. She went on to say:

“All I be wanting is somebody to be honest with me the entire time, instead of a different shift coming on and being mean to me.”

Jones was found unconscious in her jail cell after being “lethargic.” Her family previously claimed that her medications were not properly given to her and they “look forward to the results of the pending investigations.”

The video below shows Jones’ last few moments.


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