The Arlington Texas police recruit who shot and killed teen Christian Taylor has been fired for “exercising poor judgment,” the local police chief said Tuesday.  

Also, contradictory to initial reports, there was no physical contact between the officer and Christian Taylor before the fatal gun shot.

Brad Miller, 49, shot the 19-year-old teen after receiving a call that a break-in was taking place at a Classic Buick GMC dealership.

Police Chief Will Johnson told reporters that Miller was undergoing supervised field training and entered the building without the knowledge of the other officers, which set the fatality in motion.

Shortly after 1 A.M. Friday, August 7 Arlington police received a call after Taylor allegedly kicked in the windshield of a car, then crashed his Jeep into the showroom floor. Police found Taylor roaming the dealership, and ordered him to get on the ground. He refused, held up keys and said he was there to steal a car.

After that Miller’s supervisor said he heard a pop, and believed it was his Taser, but upon his arrival realized that Miller had shot the teen in the back several times.

Now, a grand jury will ultimately decide if former officer Miller is guilty.  Stay tuned as more details become available.

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