Straight Outta Compton hits theaters tomorrow and to celebrate it’s arrival Billboard featured an interview with the legendary N.W.A. The interview was led by Cali Native Kendrick Lamar who appeared star struck of his idols faced before him.

The living members of N.W.A (Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, MC Ren, Dj Yella) discussed with Lamar their best memories, things they loved and hate about the industry, and how they balance it all.

Kendrick asked the rappers:

“As one of your offspring, anything I do comes from what y’all have done before me. I’m curious to know how you feel about my generation of artists?”

MC Ren: I like a few. I like you.

Dr. Dre: You’re No. 1 on my list because of the care and attention you bring to your tracks and the precision you bring to your sound. There are a few people out there I listen to and respect.

MC Ren: Pusha T.

Dr. Dre: Definitely Pusha T.

MC Ren: I’m not saying this because you’re here, Kendrick, but I like your song “Cut You Off.” I’ve been listening to you for a minute.

Thank you. Now I’m wondering, is there anything my generation should build on and bring back to the game?

Ice Cube: That’s tricky, man. An artist has to do it like he feels it — not because he should, or someone else says he should. Hip-hop got too focused on results and record sales. Sales have nothing to do with the art you create in the studio.

Dr. Dre: When we started out, it wasn’t for money. It was for the love of music. You treat her right, and she’ll treat you right. If your only aim is money, your time will be limited.

DJ Yella: We just went in there and did what we wanted.

The interview continued for 25 mins and it was historic. NWA and Kendrick Lamar also covered the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

Check out the pictures below and see the interview here.



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