Amber Rose’s face and videos were being used to turn models into prostitutes … and she had no idea. The LAPD is currently looking into a company that was using models “for a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line.”

Aspiring models who hit up the company after seeing an ad on Instagram were then told Amber Rose was a key judge in who got the modeling gigs. The company, which was accused of trying to lure the models into prostitution, convinced the models by setting them up with a “FaceTime session with Amber”.

When the models tried to FaceTime the star, they saw a video of her struggling with a bad connection that eventually failed. What the models didn’t know was that the company took an old video from Amber’s Ustream and made it look like she was actually there speaking to them.


After this, the company told the models that they would be set up “on a date with a rich guy”. After this so called date is set up, the company would text the model asking if they would be willing to be intimate. If that answer was a yes, it would help the model book better gigs and with the help of Amber defiantly be a success.

One of the models went to the LAPD to file a report, claiming the company was trying to turn her into a prostitute. The LAPD is currently investigating.

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