Classic hollywood trick….

The hollywood film arena loves the adaption of big screen to small screen. Right now there are a plethora of hit movies being scripted for television. Among that latest Training Day may be at the top on our radar. The 15 year old film that is directed by Antoine Fuqua plans to make a comeback on CBS.

Written by Will Beall, the man behind shows like Gangsta Squad and Castle, the pilot is set to pick up documenting modern day LAPD. Fun fact, Beall also happens to be a former LAPD Detective so fan’s can definitely expect authenticity from the project. The series follows the film’s high success where both lead actors Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke snagged Academy Awards nominations. Washington ended up taking home the golden statue for Best Actor that year.

Gearing up to bring the series to life Jerry Bruckheimer, stand-out hollywood producer is teaming up the film’s director Fuqua who will also be directing the show.  Although a casting list has not been released fan’s shouldn’t expect and appearance from Washington whose character Alonzo Harris the crooked detective, dies at the end of the film (spoiler).
Balancing authenticity yet keeping the demeanor and style of film the series has a job to do in displaying certain attributes of the show yet remaining original. If the series decides to mimic the set up of film which was shot in a 24hr period it may be work out in the best interest of the show. The show’s storyline would illustrate the day and life of a rookie cop who Hawke played joining a veteran cop as a new LAPD narcotics duo. The originality would come in through adding twists and suspense to the new day ordeals that the LAPD battle today.
We don’t know just yet what to expect but we can recall just how classic the movie was in 2001 hoping the pilot will surpass expectations, expand it’s audience and turn into a new hit series.The question is, Will you be watching?

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