New superhero’s are cool, but they are even cooler when you can relate to them. At least that’s what Brandon Montclare, who helped write the comic said, as Marvel announced the arrival of their newest superhero ‘Girl Moon’ of the “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” comic book.

Lunella Lafayette, or Moon Girl as she’ll be reffered to in the series, is a young woman of color whom we’ll get to know as she’s traveling along in her adventures with her friend Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Montclare had this to say about the book;

“A greater number of readers are looking for characters they can identify with, and above all, with the aim that any reader, whatever their background or lifestyle, is capable of transcending their own identities to see themselves in a mirror of entertainment for 20 or 30 minutes without any difference.”

We look forward to a movie one day about Moon Girl, in the mean-time a big kudos to Marvel!

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