For all the N.E.R.D and purely Pharrell fan’s alike, the musical genesis released one of his hidden treasures during the OTHERtone show via Beats 1 Radio over the weekend.

The first surprise had to be Pharrell coming on to host his own show, OTHERtone. The second surprise was indeed the in-depth conversation between Pharrell Odd Future’s own, Tyler, The Creator. It was a unique exchange between the two where they flipped flopped back in forth between the interviewer and interviewee. Tyler went on to detail his creative process, his experience meeting Andre 3000 and how big of a die hard N.E.R.D fan he really is. He went so far as to mention his obsession in knowing every track-list to every N.E.R.D album by heart.

Being inspired to being an inspiration to other Hip Hop artists of this rare kind, N.E.R.D remains innovative. Fans were in thoroughly in awe with the biggest surprise of the show, when Pharrell dropped the N.E.R.D track, “Locked Away.”

Apple Music – OTHERtone

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