A movement is going on right now to combat the police brutality and violence in one of the cities hit hardest by it. There is currently a 300 Men March walk taking place from Baltimore to Washington D.C.

The organization is a grassroots group that has recruited young men to walk to walk the streets of Baltimore, in efforts to make the violence that plagues the city to stop.

On August 16 a group of more than 40 embarked on a journey from Baltimore to Washington D.C., which was an overnight trip and more than the last walk which was 10 miles through the city of Baltimore. The groups founder Munir Bahar says the walk took about 20 hours and ended at around 2 P.M.

“It’s symbolic of what we’re willing to do to address the violence in our city,” Bahar told The Baltimore Sun. “The solution is simple. We need to go above and beyond.” Reportedly, 200+ people have been killed in Baltimore so far this year, with May and July having close to 4o homicides each.

Check out twitter’s coverage of the event below.

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