Dee Barnes, journalist and former tv personality, spoke up about her previous encounters with group NWA, in particular Dr. Dre and Ice Cube who recently produced the movie Straight Outta Compton in a recent essay published at Gawker. While everyone is raving about the new hip hop movie that non violently entered theaters last weekend Barnes claims that there are missing pieces to the puzzle.

In 1991 Dr. Dre reportedly cornered Barnes at a L.A. Release Party and attacked her in the restroom of a nightclub. The attack was reportedly provoked by an interview led by Barnes and recorded by F. Gary Gray who is also the director of the new movie.

The journalist claimed the incident ruined her career and promising film aspirations due to Dre’s public fame. Dr. Dre pleaded guilty to the assault charges and the two settled outside of court. However, Barnes made a comment about not being featured in the hit movie. Barnes stated in her essay:

“That event isn’t depicted in Straight Outta Compton, but I don’t think it should have been, either. The truth is too ugly for a general audience. I didn’t want to see a depiction of me getting beat up …
But what should have been addressed is that it occurred. When I was sitting there in the theater, and the movie’s timeline skipped by my attack without a glance, I was like, “Uhhh, what happened?” Like many of the women that knew and worked with N.W.A., I found myself a casualty of Straight Outta Compton’s revisionist history.”

You can also read Dee Barnes essay here.

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