In case you haven’t noticed, black women have been featured as the cover stars of many popular publications this month.

Serena dazzled everyone with her cover of “New York Magazine,” Ciara showed off her slim figure in “Shape Magazine,” and Kerry Washington and even Misty Copeland have netted other covers respectively.

The latest to join this company is Queen Latifah as she graces “Variety Magazine,” and discusses a lot of the bold moves she has made throughout her career. The Actress/Rapper/Mogul has credited her success to never backing down and being hands on.

One of the gems of information we got from the spread was her journey to the film Bessie, which she revealed she auditioned for at 22-years-old.

“She hadn’t done much yet, but she screen-tested and she was incredible,” Lili Zanuck recalls. “At a very young age, she had this gravitas and incredible pride. And Bessie is not a victim in any way.

To learn more about the Queen via her latest cover you can read here. Enjoy.

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