Yesterday (Aug. 19), the media caught news of a 9% spike in North Carolinian voters for a new Independent candidate named, “Deez Nuts.”

All of the headlines went something like, “Deez Nuts is running… Nope, we aren’t kidding,” but no one knew any details on the person behind the possible new leader of the free world until now.

Using the address on the original Form 2 SEC document (which ultimately gets your name thrown in the electoral ring), The Daily Beast tracked down a 15-year-old farm boy from Iowa named Brady Olson.  The ‘Deez Nuts’ candidacy was his idea and possibly, the best prank of 2016.

He told The Daily Beast:

“The next step is to get some party nominations, like the Minnesota Independence Party or the Modern Whig Party… It would also be great to find a VP, preferably McCubbins because the Nuts/McCubbins ticket sounds amazing.”

Olson was able to fly under the radar because anyone in the U.S. can file a SEC form.  No one actually cares to get to know who you are until you get financial support and backing nationwide… Which makes Olson’s prank even more genius.

Between this and Trump, the 2016 electoral process has been super entertaining.

Would you have voted for ‘Deez Nuts?’ Get more info, here.


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