So the internet is going crazy today, buzzing with rumors that LaLa cheated on her husband, Carmelo Anthony, with rapper Maino. Just the names alone should discredit this, but crazier things have happened, so I’ll continue on and explain.

On one of LaLa‘s Instagram photos last night, a woman who’s apparently Maino‘s child’s mother commented with quite a mouthful, accusing the Power star of sleeping with her now-ex, and threatening to leak the proof, should they want to take it there. She notes, however, that all this would do is benefit Maino, who recently released a mixtape and would thrive off of the free press.

So here’s the thing, though – her mentioning that at all makes me think…she just may be in on it too. It’s nothing for a rapper to gas their unknown baby mama’s head up to comment something crazy, telling her she’ll be all over the blogs after that. I’m going to file this one under “BS” for now, until there’s something with actual proof.

LaLa and Melo have since responded too, clearly not letting the drama get to them!

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