During this 2016 discussion over lunch, Obama was pretty much giving Biden his blessing and the go-to to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Nothing is confirmed yet, Biden hasn’t even made an announcement that he wants to run in the first place. The President made clear to Biden he would not stand in his way or counsel him against a run, according to a source. Biden’s office however shot down the rumors floating around about  Biden’s possible run:

“Sources continue to speculate about something they know nothing about. This lunch was a private meeting between two people — the President and the Vice President. As a general rule, we are not going to confirm the Vice President’s private meetings or provide a readout of them.”

Biden is leaning toward running, several people involved in meetings told CNN, but they make sure to claim he has not made up his mind yet. While many Democrats have already signed onto Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, several former Obama advisers tell CNN they would work for Biden if he jumps in. Key Democratic fundraisers have also been invited to a meeting with Biden after Labor Day, a source close to Biden confirmed to CNN.

Some conversations on Biden’s schedule are being booked as political conversations and consultations. Biden confidantes also noted he has several social events scheduled at the Vice President’s house over the next few weeks, and that a bunch of high-profile Democrats including Obama-Biden campaign fundraisers are among those on the invitation lists.

A source describes the VP as “more comfortable” with the idea of running and said the sessions are among “several logical and necessary steps” the Vice President and his inner circle would need to be taking over the next several weeks.

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