After the shooting in Charleston South Carolina that left 9 innocent people dead at the hands of Dylann Roof, the confederate flag became a topic of discussion. After the murders were committed, photos of the 21-year-old with the flag surfaced online, calling for the people to request that the flag be removed from the South Carolina statehouse. Activists called it a symbol of hate, while some southerners continued to defend it.

Two months after the shooting, rapper Yelawolf has stood up as someone who is defending the confederate flag. In a lengthy Instagram post the southern MC addresses the medias use of the flag, other rappers who have used the flag, and more. He posted a picture of Andre 3000 also who wore the flag in a video.

You can read and view the Instagram post below.

Ain’t no way I’m letting some ones ignorance tear me from my roots .. you fucking fuck boys can save it with this anti Dixie SHIT !! .. You media succubus in fashion and news are taking full advantage of yourself’s business .. Not knowing at all the damage you’re creating by giving a false impression of who we are in the South .. We’re GOOD PEOPLE !!! .. We love our small towns and we love our folks .. For me and me only I’ll tell you like this … Rip DIME BAG DARRELL !! and Long live PANTERA !! .. Long live Lynyrd Skynyrd !!… Long Live Dukes of Hazard . .And mother FUCKER … The DIXIE WILL NEVER DIE !! … Do you want Me to mention my black inspirations on the Dixie side .. like Big Gipp who I saw in a full Dixie Flag outfit at Madison Square Garden in 05 ? , or Andre 3000 rocking a Dixie Flag Belt buckle in ” Sorry ms Jackson ? ” , maybe little Jhon or Pastor Troy who rocked the Dixie Flag in a protest against ignorance ? … I saw the GROWTH and the POWER !! NOT THE DEMISE !!! And here we have these fucking yuppies from the west coast and world wide jumping on this band wagon .. Who know NOTHING ABOUT US .. Other than the movies and misrepresented news reels they see .. Lied too at school and at home .. Further deepening the injury of social perception .. With this wack ass image of a burning Dixie Flag …. Fuck that !! … Well I can tell you that a #slumerican will never support you .. We’re beyond you all .. More open and way more prepared than you are DIXIE !!! @savetheconfederateflag #slumerican

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