After leading LA police on a high speed chase in a stolen car, the driver got out the car and proceeded to happily dance along to Future’s “Where Ya At”. Reportedly, after the police got there they surrounded the car and arrested the woman. ABC 7 reported:

“According to the LA police, the suspect was blasting through red lights and weaving in and out of traffic. The suspect also ran over a spike strip and blew a tire, but that didn’t stop her from giving police a run for their money. At one point, she got out of the car and did a little dance, but then got back inside the vehicle. A few moments later, officers swarmed the car, pulled her out and took her into custody. The woman is believed to have been under the influence.”

Well, obviously the woman was under the influence.. No one in their right mind would be happy about getting pulled over and caught with a stolen car. But think about this: If the suspect was black, she probably wouldn’t have even gotten a chance to get out the car without getting shot first.

Check out the video below:

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