Miss Info: People are usually shocked when I tell them that I’m actually kind of shy in real life… but it’s true. Pulling out stories from others is a breeze, but talking about myself is pure struggle. That said, I loved opening up my humble abode to our friends from The FADER and Sonos for their incredible “At Home With” series because I know that there are so many folks out there just like me, cramming family, friends, work, and of course, music into their day.

You can watch Miss Info go grocery shopping, brainstorm for her new site re-design, kick it with her friends and enjoy some music with her son Max. Most importantly she shares her thoughts on being a mother and juggling working.

Here are some fun facts about Vibe’s “At Home With… Miss Info” shoot:

1) One of the most popular members of our family is missing from the video. FUZZ THE CAT! In fact, the order of importance around here is definitely 1) Max, 2) Fuzz, 3) Plants….99) Mom and Dad.
Fuzz was deathly afraid of the crew’s lighting equipment. So not only did he hide in the nursery for the entire shoot, but the stress actually caused him to “release” tons of his fur afterwards. The poor Scottish Fold cat practically exploded in a pouf of grey hair.

2) Poor Max could barely move in his tight NuNuNu outfit. It fit him like an Under Armour jersey. Motherhood has taught me that buying fancy outfits for babies is a total waste of money. In fact, since Max was born 10 pounds 1 ounce (I know…I have no idea how he fit in my belly either) when we got home from the hospital, he couldn’t fit into any of his newborn or 0-3month size clothes. Luckily, there are great places to donate baby stuff for moms in need, like BabyBuggy, RoomToGrow, and LittleEssentials.

3) I was using Sonos speakers long before the fader asked me to be in this video. In fact, I stream NPR while taking a shower because the Play:1 speakers are humidity proof…I use a Sonos Playbar to replace my television’s crappy built-in speakers…and I stream Disney classics through a speaker in the nursery. True stories! The sound quality is amazing, and the app is easy to use. I only wish I could play youtube audio on Sonos, but at least I learned how to connect the speakers to my laptop.

4) Mikey Fresh really does come over to hang out with Max and work on the site with me. Sometimes Jeff and Eric Rosenthal from It’s The Real join us to watch award shows or eat waffles. But I don’t usually drag them to the farmer’s market in 90-degree heat like I did on that day.

5) You get to see tiny glimpse of our upcoming MissInfo.TV redesign in the video!

6) Joseph Patel and Robert Semmer from The FADER made magic out of my mess with this video…I remember afterwards thinking…why couldn’t I speak properly that day? Maybe I needed more coffee, maybe I had mommy-brain…but what I touched on and want to expand on is this…

Lots of valuable information into the life of a Hip-Hop mother, it’s pretty cool. Congrats Miss Info!

About The Author J. Davis

20. Michigan State University Junior.

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