With everyone’s panties still in a bunch over Kanye’s eleven minute Vanguard Video Award speech last night, MTV seems to be thoroughly impressed. Ye’s speech sparked huge conversation and provoked human thought to the point that MTV was so moved they may be considering him to be next year’s host according to TMZ. Even after the bashing and telling ‘his truth’ the network didn’t care as they saw his speech as very entertaining.

For sure, all major networks care about ratings and whether we hate him or we love him we know Kanye and those priceless rants always get the people going which is sure to drive those rantings way up. Although there is no talk about Kanye being interested or not we can guess that after the Miley circus MTV is very open to picking the most unlikely hosts and loves the controversy. This thing could spin one of two ways. Either Kanye and MTV could be looking at grand partnership or Kanye is liable to decline the chance to contradict the points he made in his speech about hating awards shows, further more not understanding how the judging process works and hating what it does to artistry. This one calls for a toss up.

What did you think about his speech?


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