The 2015 VMA’s takes the cake on ‘Ignorance is bliss.’ Twitter was fed up last night with poorly executed acts of those like Miley Cyrus and Rebel Wilson illustrating the racial insensitivity as a whole.

Through out the entirety of the awards show we watched Miley parade around with faux locs, see-through bejeweled costumes and wardrobe with little to no coverage. Although Miley may not have meant any harm as she regarded everything in a playful manner, it’s clear that she is not well educated on her history of black culture in this country nor was she given any structure or boundaries in her jokes/parodies of knowing what to say and what not to say.

There is this huge commonality of people with no real connection to black culture emulating it and attempting to recreate it in what they think would be funny but in actuality is done in an utmost distasteful way. With a chance to use the platform that Cyrus and others like herself share in privilege there is yet no common sense. In a time where black men, women, children and other minorities are fighting for equality in America with movements like #blacklivesmatter or where artists like Nicki Minaj are speaking out against European standards on beauty and areas where white women are uplifted in pop culture while black women can do the same thing and reap no glory, we would think MTV and the VMA’s would take the social responsibility to ensure that not only it’s host but its presenters tread lightly and act responsibly.

Sure they had a small slot to highlight the progress and injustices of what is currently going on in our country. We watched as Empire cast mates, Jussie Smollett and Serayah took the stage for ‘Best Song With A Social Message’ however the VMA’s aimlessly forgot to implement that sentiment through the show and it was exposed. As viewers tuned in they did not hesitate to take to the Twitter stage and comment in their frustration of the sheer mockery going on.

To add insult to injury the viewers became flabbergasted when comedian Rebel Wilson presented ‘Best Hip-Hop Video’ dressed as a police officer going on to incite dry humor saying:  “I know a lot of people have problems with the police, but I really hate police strippers.” She then revealed her bodysuit reading “F**k Tha Police Stripper,” going on to mention getting a police stripper for her grandmother’s birthday who wouldn’t “feel her up.” She concluded her satire with, “I hate this injustice…. hence the shirt.”

There was absolutely no filter and viewers were in utter shock at audacity of this act to mock police brutality which is at an all time high. We continuously see victims namely African Americans die at the hands of police who abuse their authority.

From the hair styles, inappropriate terminology and senseless jokes we side with Twitter on this debacle as the elaborate commentary shed light on something bigger, the racism in between the lines.


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