Tom Brady will soon find out his fate for the 2015-2016 football season regarding his alleged involvement with the “Deflategate.” He will either be suspended for 4 games to start the season or a judge will rule that he’s eligible to play as soon as the season kicks off.

With that being said one would think that Brady is on edge about the scandal and whether or not he can play when the season kicks off. Brady let none of that show last night during the Patriot’s annual “Patriots Premiere,” which is a charity event that featured Brady and other New England players answering questions from their fans. One question in particular, received a rather sarcastic response from the QB when asked. He was asked had he done anything fun during the offseason after leading the pats to a super bowl victory and his response was priceless.

“Yeah,” he said, “it’s been such an enjoyable offseason.”

Patriots owner Robert Kraft would later chime in about the “Deflategate” calling it the “most overblown story in recent NFL history.”

Stay tuned for the judge’s verdict on Brady.

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