Travis Scott’s “Antidote” has already immersed as the new late summer anthem hitting radio airways in heavy rotation.  As Scott keeps us guessing in the buzz of his debut album he’s released a teaser for the single giving us just enough to keep wanting more. The Houston native’s unique style, creative brain both musically and visually is so enticing he definitely captures they eye with the black light cinematography and neon aesthetics throughout the teaser.

Today, we see the same things recycled over and over in music but Travis sticks to his guns and gives us a distinctive sound and swag we can’t find any where else. After 42 seconds fans are gauged in and ready for the video in it’s entirety as Scott gives us a glimpse of his night show in the form a ‘circus-like-rodeo.’

Next up…. Rodeo, Scott’s debut album which drops tomorrow. In his musical associations from Kanye to Future and projects like Days Before The Rodeo (mixtape), Travis has already showed us why he sticks out from the competition and we’ve geared up in anticipation for this moment.

Catch the captivating teaser from the Very G.O.O.D Beats/Grand Hustle/Epic Records rapper, producer and overall diverse musician.


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