Happy #BeyDay! The international holiday that celebrates the birth of living legend, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is upon us and members of the Beyhive are in total pandemonium. If you’re confused by why is Beyoncé celebrated from sea to shining sea, here are 34 reasons to make you into a Beyliever:


1. King Bey holds restraint in her vocals just to give your favorite artist a chance, but when she let’s go… she can sing the house down.

2. Regardless of what “they” might say, she is a feminist and is teaching young girls around the world to love themselves.

3. Now when everyone drops an album out of nowhere it is referred to as a “Beyoncé”.

4. She changed the game when that digital album dropped, who else can go platinum in a weekend?

5. When Whoopi Goldberg said to her “You are Beyoncé…”, she replied with a simple “Thank you.”


6. She listens to the kids, bro!

7. Who else can perform their entire album in less than 20 minutes and look red carpet ready after? (See MTV Video Vanguard Award performance, 2014.)

8. Remember the year Britney Spears won the Video Vanguard Award? No, you don’t, because Beyoncé performed “Love On Top” immediately after Britney received her award and announced to the world that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

9. She keeps her private life private, which is rare in this day and age where people post their highs and lows online for likes and retweets.

10. There’s a thin line between sexy and trashy, King Bey never crosses that line.

11. Beyoncé gives back publicly and privately. Whether it’s bailing protesters out in Ferguson, opening a hair school in her hometown or own her charity work (#BeyGood) internationally, Beyoncé knows the importance of giving back.

12-20. See the album “B-Day”.

21-25. See the album “4”.

26-32. See the album “Beyoncé”.

33. The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama said if she could pick another career, she would like to be Beyoncé.

34. Family First.



So no, Beyoncé did not wish me a happy birthday, but she made “I Care”, “Blow”, “Smash Into You”, “Get Me Bodied” & “Crazy In Love” and that’s good enough for me.

If you still don’t see it for Beyoncé after all of this, I think this tweet sums it up for all of the BeyHive.


Check out more pics of Beyoncé and funny BeyDay Memes in the gallery.

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