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Today’s frustrations to societal woes, pop culture and sports never go unnoticed when it comes to social media. Today’s vent comes from Snoop Dog on the over turning of the four game suspension given to Patriot’s golden boy, Tom Brady. He received the four game initial punishment not only due to his evolvement but for also seeking to destroy evidence in asking an assistant to destroy a cell phone that he used before during and after the deflating incident at the AFC championship this past January. After Brady appealed the decision of Roger Goodell and the NFL, a federal judge stepped in and ruled in the poster boy’s favor. The judge over turned that decision and Uncle Snoop is NOT here for this at all.

In an Instagram video posted earlier today Uncle Snoop let em know the sh— is unfair. He goes in calling the decision, “bulls—-” and goes further to say, “You might as well overturn all the homies who got weed cases,” in all realness and fairness.

He is not one for the favoritism and like so many agree that there are clearly exceptions to the rule despite evidence proving one’s participation in illegal acts during a NFL game.

It’s been a back and forth game between parties and it looks like it’s going to continue to be with the NFL saying it will appeal this motion as well.

Check out the clip of Snoop below.

Do we get leveon bell 26 bac for game one or does this rule just apply to qbs? Nfl. Ain’t right we not gone complain we gone ball steeler nation ✨✨✌️

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