What do you do when you can’t release music until 2016? Travel the world? Think about Untied States politics? Troll your Instagram followers? Well, Azealia Banks managed to do all of the above, clap for her!

While most were getting the grill ready for the last holiday of the summer, Azealia took to her Instagram account to express her thoughts on immigration and reparations for Black Americans, she then had an open discussion with her 438 thousand followers. She opened up with saying:

“Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with Trumps stance on immigration? Not for any reason other than black Americans still not having been paid reparations for slavery and the influx international immigrants (not just Mexicans), are sucking up state aid and government money, space in schools, quality of life etc?? It’s selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else’s problems are more important than my own. I want my f**king money!!… Me first!!…”

She went on to say that her first post was a social experiment, she wanted to present an “abstract” view of the situation because she doesn’t think that the topic is being discussed as “in depth” as it should be in the media. She then went on to make it very clear that she IS NOT a Trump supporter and how she feels like the United States of America is busy trying to save others who have “willingly” came to this country, but won’t take care of the Black Americans whom ancestors were stolen, beaten and raped, then brought to this country to build it for free.

The thing with Azealia Banks is, she has valid points, great points, I mean, even a broke clock is right twice a day. She’s a smart woman, but her delivery is awful. She knew that using Trump’s name would get more people to react and read her post, but by using his name she guaranteed that more people will focus on that than her actual message.

Check out the full rant in the gallery below.

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