Joe Budden is probably the most misunderstood person on twitter, ever. Joe Budden post a series of tweets about music on September 3rd that seemed to lead up to a discussion about R&B.

The Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, who is best known for his breakout song and dance “Milly Rock” posted a screenshot of one of Joe’s tweets that said “Does the girl u sleep with Milly Rock? For research purposes of course”. The “Milly Rock” rapper was not amused and posted the tweet on his Instagram account with the caption “SMH @ this clown n***a again… Ayo @joebudden d*ckridding shoulda been a crime”.


After that 2 Milly posted another screenshot, this time from a tweet back in May of a girl saying that 2 Milly “could get it”, to which Joe replied with “h*e”. I’m sure it was in a playful matter, but 2 Milly posted the screenshot (that originally appeared on his Instagram 16 weeks ago with a different caption) with some famous words from Nas on the classic song “Ether”:

“U been on my d*ck n***a U love my style #ether.”

I don’t see this going any further, when Joe was asked about it on twitter, he said that it wasn’t a diss. Besides, Joe is getting ready to drop “All Love Lost” and I’m sure that 2 Milly is gearing up to release his follow up to “Milly Rock”. But just in case it does go further, put it on wax. I would be interested to see how that battle would pan out. Oh, that’s just me? alright…

See the screenshots and tweets below.

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2 Milly v. Joe Budden

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