HA! Remember last summer when an Ohio woman sued the Midwest Sperm Bank in Illinois for wrongful birth and emotional suffering? Let me catch you up to speed if you missed this story. Jennifer Cramblett, a white woman from Uniontown, Ohio sued the sperm bank after she was impregnated with an African-American man’s sperm and gave birth to a biracial daughter. Well, an Illinois judge dismissed the case and said it lacked legal merit.

Once the incident happened, the sperm bank issued an apology and refunded part of the cost to Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon. Cramblett claimed that she and her family suffered through stress, pain, suffering and medical expenses totaling $50,000. Cramblett also said that she feared for her daughter and didn’t want her to grow up as an outcast in their predominantly white neighborhood. The judge said that “wrongful birth suits” usually apply in the instance where the child is born with a birth defect. In this case, the child was healthy so he threw the case out.

This is far from over, Cramblett could refile the suit under a “negligence claim.”

Source: The Root

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