Galore Magazine calls on Kylie Jenner for their new magazine cover. The newly turned 18-year old, is grown and sexy on this cover shot by Terry Richardson. Terry’s photography is one of a kind and he has Kylie model in revealing outfits from Balmain, Moschino, and Michael Costello. The cover story comes with a full-length interview where she opens up about her style, being 18, and more.

Check out the photos below:

Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_4_nud57w Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_9_nud5a1 Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_8_nud59o Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_6_nud58s Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_2_nud57b Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_3_nud57l Kylie_Jenner_Galore_Mag_1_nud570

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