Recently, rising star Dex Osama hailing from Detroit was murdered outside of a strip club late Sunday night. The rapper was Meek Mill’s protégé and seemed to be on his way to rap stardom with a EP that was supposed to be dropping on September 11, with features that included Meek Mill, Shy Glizzy & even production from Metro Boomin’. Sadly, the rapper won’t live to see his project drop or enjoy the fruits that will come from it.

It’s always sad to see a young and upcoming rapper trying to make it out lose his life and this death is no different. If you aren’t familiar with Dex Osama check 5 of his hardest tracks below. Enjoy!

5. 19.5 Prod. Antt Beatz

19.5 is Dex at his finest. His raps about choppas and the streets are on full display here over some Antt Beatz production. “N*ggas out here playing man they think this sh*t a game/huh choppaboy the clique n*gga I claim/he spits. This one is a banger for sure.

4. Truth

Truth is one of Dex’s hardest tracks lyrically, which has him floating over a old Master P track. Lines like “Treat a n*gga like some backwoods and fire em’ up/Something wrong with me/I’m like a don dada/I think I love the smell of that gun powder” shows why Dex was poised to be one of the best up and coming rappers from the streets. This one will make you go insane no problem.

3. Choppa On The Side Of Me

Choppa On The Side Of Me is another super hard cut. In the video Dex has on some Raider gear and the lyrics are reminiscent of how blunt and descriptive Cube was back in the 80’s. You can hear the influence of that style of music throughout the song and the beat is an old Spice 1 one. If you like gangsta music you’ll love this.

2. Choppa Freestyle

“N*ggas talking choppas yeah we got plenty/We the reason why it’s teddy bears around the city” <—- This is the second song I heard by Dex and when I heard those first lines I was thinking who is this! He doesn’t care about saying anything crazy on a track. Honestly, I felt some type of way about the opening lyrics but as I listened to him more I understood his style of rap and how harsh he could be.  It was all apart of his style and I learned to appreciate it. Listen below.

1. Death On Me

Death On Me was the closest thing Dex has to a hit and is hands down his hardest track. It actually has a hook unlike most of his songs and is nearly 3 minutes of Dex going off. This song was rapped by Meek Mill countless times, Dej Loaf, members of the A$AP Mob and many other fellow rappers. The song was to be recieving visuals soon and if it was anywhere close to finished it probably still will recieve some. Watch that and listen to Death On Me below. #RIPDEX #LongLiveOsama!

Bonus: Ghetto Dope

I’m including this song for two reasons. The first is because Dex goes all the way in, and spits some of his most memorable bars on the track. The second reason is because Meek Mill posted a video on Instagram one time of Nicki Minaj twerking to it. If that’s not a win for someone trying to come up in the rap game I don’t know what is. Thanks for the song Dex, as well as the twerk that came from it. Check out both below.

Dex will surely be missed and it’s ashame we won’t be able to see him rise in the rap game. Check out a few rappers sending their condolences for the young rapper below. Rest In Peace Dex Osama!


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