The #BlackLivesMatter movement is still on a roll. With all movements, there are many rumors and speculations that build from the message. For the last few months, #BlackLivesMatter movements has been blown up with people thinking the movement has no plan. is bias, and is hateful towards the police. The Cosmopolitan took time to investigate the rumors and make it more clear what the message is. It’s nice to see people take time to properly express the message that “black lives matter” is trying to spread.

Look at the main misconceptions here:

  1. The movement doesn’t care about black-on-black crime.
  2. It’s a leaderless movement.
  3. The movement has no agenda.
  4. It’s a one-issue movement.
  5. The movement has no respect for elders.
  6. The black church has no role to play.
  7. The movement does not care about queer or trans lives.
  8. The movement hates white people.
  9. The movement hates police officers.
  10. The movement’s primary goal should be the vote.
  11. There’s not actually a movement at all.

Check out all the misconceptions HERE.

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