This is literally the coolest thing I have read/seen all year.

On August 25, children attending a Hartford, Connecticut elementary school were greeted with a big surprise on their first day of school.

Upon arrival in the building the students were greeted by over 100 nicely dressed black men who offered great words of encouragement, cheers and high fives through a campaign tilted “Calling All Brothers.”

DeVaughn Ward and Pastor Aj Johnson created the campaign in an effort to fight the stereotypes and racial problems many young inner city children experience. The goal is to prove that growing up in a underprivileged area doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

In an interview with A Plus Johnson stated, “In an urban community, people say that black men [aren’t] valued or there aren’t enough black men doing something.” 

He also said he wanted to prove all those people wrong, and that he did.

How did they do it? They took to social media (of course) to assemble a group of black men that were available to go Martin Luther King Jr. elementary and show their support for education. The only thing they had to do was show up in a suit.

This is super cool, I can’t imagine how I would feel as a young kid being greeted by a bunch of men in suits. Check out the photos below.


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