Rumor has it that Floyd Mayweather received a banned IV fluid a night before the infamous fight with Manny Pacquiao in May.

According to SB Nation, Mayweather took an “intravenous injection of saline and vitamins that was banned under World Anti-Doping Agency guideline” the night before the fight. Reports have also stated that The Champ received an exemption from the United States Anti-Doping Agency three weeks later.

The problem here is that USADA doesn’t have the authorization to grant an exemption, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director, Bob Bennett. Only the commission, which was not notified of the exemption until after it was given, has the authority to give athletes an exemption.

Even though the substances themselves aren’t banned from WADA,  Mayweather taking them intravenously before the fight and without consent is the problem.

The USADA’s argued the allegations saying Mayweather applied for and was granted an exemption for the infusion:

Although Mr. Mayweather’s application was not approved until after his fight with Mr. Pacquiao and all tests results were reported, Mr. Mayweather did disclose the infusion to USADA in advance of the IV being administered to him. Furthermore, once the TUE [therapeutic use exemption] was granted, the NSAC and Mr. Pacquiao were immediately notified even though the practice is not prohibited under NSAC rules.





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