Laura Govan is going through it. The Basketball Wives L.A. star and her ex, former NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas, are back in a public dispute.  Laura is currently out of a home because Arenas served her eviction notice papers recently.

According to Baller Alert, Gilbert is giving Laura and the kids 60 days to move out the home that he pays for, which is also in his name. And then, he took to Instagram to tell his side of their continued public feud.

I always read about what kind of dad I am but I’ve never posted about it so who’s telling yall??let me guess the mother RIGHT im a Deadbeat??…well here yall go…I get my kids every #weds #everyotherweekend #jointcustody #nonannyAllme #cook #nomaid…I set up their college funds..each child has over 300k towards college..also they have their own personal bank accounts,I put 10k each bday…I get 20k a month for person spending I put 2k in each account like clockwork EVERY MONTH leaving me with 12k…I also pay for their private schooling,meals,clothes, cars..I personally cover every aspect of my kids life….NOW the victim…she gets 20k a month but if u read what I do then ask urself what does she do with 20k…she has to feed the kids at home, pay for gas to get them to school and pay her phone bill andddddddd that’s it….that’s all she’s responsible for in our kids lives….she gets 20k to buy her self clothes for #IG for u fucks to hit the like button…..I wasn’t gonna leave my kids future in her hands…she has 2 million dollar closet but my kids look like their bums half the damn time they get posted and I’m the #Deadbeat….if I’m a #deadbeat and a bad father WHAT the fuck are the rest of the fathers called??? Yall can call me what u want but i bet yall want me as ur baby daddy smdh

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If the eviction wasn’t enough, he also got another woman pregnant. The woman is Lindsay Faulk, the ex-wife of former NFL player Marshall Faulk. Check out the adorable baby below.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.26.22 AM


He certainly has the money to take care of all of these kids, but eventually, Laura and Gilbert have to get on the same page.


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