The beat has steadily built for the Hip-Hop new comer Fetty Wap with hits like “Trap Queen” and the summer time anthem “My Way.” After laying heavy bricks he’s all the way lit and solid with the release of his album soon approaching. There has been a recent trend of new artist highlighting their sound and trying to mount their place in the game with no major features on their rookie albums and Fetty follows suite. His self-entitled album is set for October 10 and only features his ace Monty throughout the project. With high anticipation Fetty Wap released his album track-list to get fans amped ready for his big moment next month.

Fetty Wap Tracklist:

1. Trap Queen
2. How We Do Things (Feat. Monty)
3. 679 (Feat. Monty)
4. Jugg (Feat. Monty)
5. Trap Luv
6. I Wonder
7. Again
8. My Way (Feat. Monty)
9. Time (Feat. Monty)
10. Boomin
11. RGF Island
12. D.A.M.
13. No Days Off (Feat. Monty)
14. Im Straight
15. Couple Bands
16. Rock My Chain (Feat. M80)
17. Rewind (Feat. Monty)

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