Stephen Colbert is having a great opening week over at “The Late Show”. The former host of Comedy Centeral’s “The Colbert Report” had Vice President Joe Biden on as a guest and the VP opened up about life after the passing of his son Beau Biden and being undecided about running for President in 2016.

In the first interview since his son’s death, the Vice President praised his son by saying “My son was better than me, He was better than me in every way.”
Biden also spoke about when he met someone at a military base, and that person told him that he served time in Iraq with Beau. “I just lost it.”
Now, the Vice President is doing his best to move forward.
When Colbert asked if the Biden made up his mind about running in 2016, the VP stated that he doesn’t think anyone should run for president unless they are ready to give “110 percent” of their heart, soul, energy and passion to the job.

“I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there”.
Overall, Biden seemed to be in good spirits and only time will tell if he runs. Check out the interview in its entirety below.


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