There’s nothing like a father-daughter bond in this world.  New York Giants star Victor Cruz knows that and holds his daughter very dear to his heart.  In a recent interview with Refinery29, at the launch of his new Hugo Boss fragrance, he revealed exactly what he wants his three-year-old daughter Kennedy to know as she grows up.

He tells his daughter to “always follow your gut.” Yes, this may seem like the most cliche advice to give someone but he believes its essential that at a young age, girls need that sense of encouragement. He also tells his daughter,

Follow what instinctually intrigues you and what you think is the right thing to do. Trust your initial reaction to things and initial judgement about things, because your first judgement is usually the right one… You not only represent yourself, but you represent your parents, you represent who you work for. You represent everyone that was able to help you get to whatever point you are in your life. Remember that you represent all those people.”

Well, we can all use this piece of advice here. Strong fathers for strong daughters. Thanks Victor!

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