While the rest of us, some for the first time, are witnessing the impact that NWA had on this world through the massive success that is “Straight Out Of Compton” , Eric Wright Jr., son of the late Eazy-E, is reminiscing on his fathers legacy in such a more personal way. In a recent interview with ‘The Recollectors’, Wright opens up about want it was like growing up with his father and how it felt to lose him at such a young age.

Wright went on to recall memories of being with his father when he went to work:

“I have fond memories of being at his house and him playing me “Just Tah Let U Know.” “What do you think about this song?” he’d ask. Sometimes I went to work with him at Ruthless. He introduced us to the Above the Law, the group he signed; I have good memories of that, too.”

Wright also spoke on what went through his mind at 10 yrs old when he first heard the news of his father disease:

“Finally my grandmother told me that my dad had the same thing as Magic Johnson. I was 10 at the time and didn’t understand what that was. So when they said Magic couldn’t play ball because of some illness—he’s not supposed to get his sweat or his blood on anyone, and that people felt like, “Oh he’s sick with something people don’t want to be close to”—I understood it was something like that.”

Wright currently spreads awareness of the disease as a way to cope with his fathers death as well as a way to help others” said Wright. “I started doing AIDS awareness work. I went out and got tested with individuals and campaigned for people to go and get checked, talked about what it meant and how it affected me, how it’s important to the community.”

When asked about the film “Straight Out Of Compton”, Wright said the film “brings him to life again, in a positive light”. He also states that his father is ” being homaged and recognized for iconic he was for the entire music industry.”

Eazy-E would have turned 54 last week (Sept. 7). Check out the full interview here.

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