Growing up in the 90s, Nickelodeon classic shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys, Doug and so many more stayed on repeat.  If you ever wished that old Nickelodeon was back, your wish might come true!

The Viacom-owned channel might possibly be launching an all 90’s TV channel called “The Splat.”  Though they haven’t put out an official statement, they’ve took it to social media and Brooklyns 90’s fest to give out clues on the return of the classics. On their Instagram page (@thesplatgram) their bio reads “#TheSplatIsComing.”

The Splat will most definitely have us grown folks locked back into cartoons reminiscing on the good old days when television shows had substance.  With no official date and detail about the channels release, we can just patiently wait and keep up with all the clues via social media and YouTube.

Take a look at what they’ve posted so far.


It’s all you ever wanted… it’s all you ever needed… #TheSplatIsComing

A video posted by The Splat (@thesplatgram) on

Whatcha doing, #Coolio? #TheSplatIsComing #90sFest #Brooklyn A photo posted by The Splat (@thesplatgram) on

It’s getting slimy up in here @paulyshore #TheSplatIsComing #90sFest

A video posted by The Splat (@thesplatgram) on

Calm before the Splat. #TheSplatIsComing #90sfest A photo posted by The Splat (@thesplatgram) on

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