You would think after playing in the NBA for 15 seasons Michael Jordan would have a whole lot of money in the bank, right? Well, you’re right. But did you know that just in the passed year he’s made more money selling sneakers than he did his entire basketball career?

The famous basketball player made a total of $100 million off of Jordan sneakers sales last year in comparison to his $94 million in his NBA career placing him the highest paid retired athlete in the world. This man is literally laughing to the bank more than a decade later after his retirement.

With people waiting in long lines, sitting at their computer screens with their credit cards ready or paying over market price to buy the shoes, Michael Jordan has had America in a frenzy every release. It’s a dog eat dog world for his sneakers. And when it comes around holiday season for his Christmas release? Get ready for the chaos.

According to a PBS study, America accounts for 40 percent of sneaker consumers worldwide generating $34 billion in sales in just June 2014 – June 2015.  They also reported that the U.S. imports 99 percent of all sneakers sold here from other countries. Wow!


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