Hearing two musical greats sit and talk isn’t something that happens often so when it does, it’s a pretty big deal. When two names such as Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones are mentioned, it’s not expected for the two to sit and talk. Despite that thought that’s exactly what happened on Dre’s latest episode of “The Pharmacy.”

The conversation was dubbed Q&A, which stands for Quincy & Andre and the two discusses Quincy’s illustrious career. Dre being super excited started the interview with nothing but praises for the legend and Quincy’s humble response was about how despite everything he has done musically he doesn’t know how to drive a vehicle.

One interesting tidbit of the interview was about how Quincy found out music was his calling.

According to him he was breaking into an armory in his hometown of Chicago and one of the rooms had a piano. From there the rest was history.

“There was an armory. I broke into the armory and eventually I broke into all the supervisors’ rooms and there was one where I saw a little piano in the room and I closed the door. Something said to me, Idiot, go back in that room! I went back in the room and touched the piano… and every drop of blood in my body said, ‘this is what you’re gonna do for the rest of your life.’…and it saved my life” he recalled.

The interview is filled with gems and the two sat and talked for rougly two hours. He even spoke on working with Michael Jackson. Check out the full length episode right here.

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