Fox News Host Tucker Carlson made a controversial, yet not surprising, statement while interviewing co-chair of the 20/20 group, Ashley Bell, saying that “everyone benefited” when the incarceration rate for non-violent drug crimes in the 1990’s increased in particular black neighborhoods.

The interview started by Carlson asking Bell his opinion on weather or not it was appropriate for Stephen Colbert to wear a #BlackLivesMatter wristband on his show. Bell then stated that Colbert is an entertainer and could wear whatever he felt on his show but stated that activists should be partnering with the police if they want to see real change.

In response to Carlson’s statement that black neighborhood’s benefited from the incarceration rates, Bell replied “These issues are a bit broader than that, Ticker. When you talk about folks who have felonies who are convicted 10, 20 years ago of non-violent felonies who live in states like Georgia with a great Republican governor who is bringing jobs to our state, they cant sign up got those jobs because they have felonies that are decades old that have nothing to do with the jobs they are trying to apply for.”


Watch the full interview below.

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