Lil Wayne is a regular on ESPN, which is why it was no surprise when he phoned in to Cari Champion’s radio podcast “Be Honest.” The two touched on a number of subjects ranging from his first time meeting his protégé Drake to how he felt about his first Lil Weezyana fest.

A proud New Orleans native, every penny from The Lil Weezyana fest went towards the Hurricane Katrina fund that help build parts of the city that still are not 100% rebuilt due to the storm.

When Wayne recalled his first conversation with Jay-Z is when the interview got a little interesting. According to Wayne he was shooting pool in his second home in New Orleans, when he said he remembers getting a text telling him that Jay would soon be calling him.

It was so big of a moment for Wayne that he said not even his mother could tell him anything. Usually one would think with Wayne feeling like that it was lengthy conversation, but he admits it wasn’t.

“He didn’t really say much, but ‘what’s up little homie. I see you,’” Wayne admitted.

He also discussed when he first met Drake and how he told him to never change his style upon first hearing him. 

“I was the one to tell him; don’t change anything. Don’t think ’cause you’re coming over here by me that you gotta rap about the things I rap about… Please rap about your little TV show… rap about girls, ’cause that’s what you’re good at… Don’t start singing about killin’ nobody. Don’t start singing about the streets. Keep it Canadian.”

In the rest of the podcast Wayne offers his thoughts on Straight Outta Compton, where “Carter V” is and more. Check it out right below.

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