Iowa State University students gathered to protest in the parking lot during tailgating for the ISU-University of Iowa football game that Donald Trump was scheduled to campaign at. The students were protesting Trump’s anti-immigration comments. Someone was holding up posters that read “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Trump supporters were outraged and bullied the students who were protesting, ripping up that poster and chanting white supremacy quotes.

The woman who destroyed the sign was caught on camera saying “lets grab it and rip it” and to “vote for white supremacy.” After doing so, you can hear people screaming “Oh yeah!” and “Get ’em girl!” Cell phone videos and photos were posted throughout YouTube and Twitter. Since the video surfaced the internet, the woman deleted all her social media accounts.

Monica Reyes, a University of Northern Iowa senior and co-founder of DREAM Iowa, sat down with told The Huffington Post on Monday and told them how she felt about the incident. She said,

I grew up watching a lot of the old civil rights videos and how they were treated, and I always thought, ‘Wow, we’ve made a lot of progress.’ But it was evident on Saturday that we really have not… One of our protesters — her face was grabbed by a caucasian woman, and that caucasian woman told her to go back from where she came from. One man actually said, ‘If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.’

Reyes believes Trumps comments on immigration is the reason why people are behaving this way.

According to a post on Tumblr from a woman who witnessed the protest, people in the crowd were chanting “send the illegals back to where they came from!” and “Excuse me immigrants.” Someone even asked “Is that English or is that stupidity?” to someone holding a sign written in Spanish. Reyes said this was accurate based on what she witnessed as well.

Rubio, whose sign was attacked, sent The Huffington Post a statement on Monday with a message to women who harassed him at the protest. He says,

You can tear and deface my poster all you want because I will not stop using my voice and my right as a U.S. citizen to speak against hatred and bigotry. Go ahead and show your hatred and racism because that is all everyone else saw.  As an educated Latino leader on campus, I am involved in many student organizations such as Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc. and SHPE MAES both organizations founded under the principles to unite the Latino Community, the same unity that was present at the protest. For my final words I would like to quote my Fraternity motto ‘En La Union Esta La Fuerza,’ (‘In Unity there is strength’).

Trump is currently polling in first place nationally and in Iowa among GOP presidential candidates.

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