If you weren’t sure if there was a glass ceiling pertaining to race in Hollywood now you can end your speculation.

In the fourth season premiere of Project Greenlight produced by HBO a documentary where Matt Damon and his ace Ben Affleck offer first time and chosen film makers the opportunity to produce a movie from the ground up. This project also highlights Matt Damon handing out his ‘so-called’ superior expertise, from his vast experience in the industry in a manner that looks egotistical and condescending to one who feels indifferent.

In an open conversation between executive producers including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and a group of finalist producers that include a number of white men, one white woman and one black woman. Effie Brown, an accomplished Hollywood producer who’s worked on a wide range of seventeen feature films is naturally set apart in her views of diversity in Hollywood and roles given to blacks then that of her counterparts.

The video below interjects in the middle of Brown giving her perspective on a character named “Harmony,” who is a prostitute and the only black person in the film. She advocates for having a diversified cast behind the scenes  in saying, “whoever this director is and the way that they are going to treat the character Harmony,” is crucial because she already the outcast on screen also noting that she is victim to a white pimp who beats her. Matt Damon then offers his over-confidently remarks interrupting Brown and saying, “when talking about diversity, you do it in the casting of the film not in the casting of the show.” Her stance simply implies that with diversity behind the story telling of the film as well as among the characters it gives the person(s) casted more ground to relate and accurately portray a storyline. Her perspective sheds light on the glass ceiling where blacks are being boxed in today with roles as criminals, gangsters and prostitutes and also that the cycle continues stories being told and created by those who share no deep connection to the storyline or characters.

Do you agree with Matt or with his colleague?

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