It’s 1979 and Hip-Hop hasn’t seen a group make waves on a national scale yet, but on this day 36 years ago all that changed when SugarHill Gang dropped their single “Rappers Delight.”

The track was produced by Sylvia Robinson, while Big Bank Hank, Master Gee and Wonder Mike all traded flows over a wonderful sample of Chic’s “Good Times.” Legend has it that the track was recorded all in one take, which is an amazing feat because the track is 14 minutes long. There are shortened versions of the song that clock in at 4:55 and 6:30 minutes each if you don’t want to listen to a 14 minute song. The track went on to become the biggest single of their career and appeared on their self-tilted album that released later that year.

The song peaked at number 36 on the charts and is often credited as the track that brought Hip-Hop to mainstream music. The track is even ranked on Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time solidifying how important the track was for music and Hip-Hop. Listen to it below.

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