The Republican debate took place last night (Sept. 16th) at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

If you didn’t know that, you soon found out because of the amount of hilarity that ensude on Twitter moments after.  The only reason we knew the Republican met up last night was because of the tweets and memes that flooded our social media timelines. Everyone from Hillary Clinton to Bill Maher to Bernie Sanders to the girl next door had something to say about last nights debate. Some tweets, most from political figures, had something to do with the actual discussion while others picked on everything from Trump’s facial expression to the people in the audience.

First up, Hillary Clinton. She tweeted her responses to the GOP debate on everything from woman’s reproductive rights, the treatment of immigrants and Trump’s long history of disrespecting women:

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show got in on the action by making fun of the republicans failed attempt at finding the missing MH730 plane as well as the knee-slapping introduction of the candiates:


Bill Maher even got a couple shots up:

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders live tweeted the deabte with a series of sarcastic tweets but bowed out before it was even over because he had had enough:

and here are some hilariously fun ones that have nothing to do with the discussion but are worth it anyway:


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