The “no cell phone” policy that we hear about in all of our favorite rap songs is no joke and a Colorado woman is pressing charges because of it. According to TMZ, a woman claims that she was forcibly removed from a tour bus in Colorado for refusing to give up her cell phone and as luck would have, Chris Brown, R&B’s bad boy, is at the center of the allegations.

The alleged incident occurred outside of Platinum 84 Gentleman’s Club in Denver on Monday (Sept. 14th) when Chris, French Montana and Fetty Wap were shooting a music video. The unidentified woman, who was not apart of the shoot, says that while she was being forced off the tour bus, her phone broke in the melee. The woman filed a report for 3rd degree assault and Brown and his crew are said to be persons of interest by the cops.

Brown, who recently won joint custody of his daughter, Royalty, appears to have changed his life around since his daughter. He is reported to have banned groupies, cursing, smoking and drinking from the tour bus when Royalty is present.

Let’s hope for Brown’s sake that he had nothing to do with the alleged incident and that he continues to do what’s best for himself and his daughter.



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