Taking that leap of faith to ask your crush out might be a little hard. But, a new app named TikiTalk just made things a lot easier.  Based off the phrase coined by social media users, TikiTalk allows you to start a conversation with someone solely off the question “Netflix and chill?” It’s purpose is to be a fun, comical way to break the ice with people you’d like to have conversations with.

Daniel Ahn, the co-founder of the app, sat down to talk to Fusion about the new app:

The launch of TikiTalk came at the right time following the popularity of the slogan. Netflix and chill is just so funny. It was everything we were about. Sending someone an invite or whatever, you can make them smile.

This is how TikiTalk works:

1. Shows you people in your mile radius who have the app

2. You can send an invite yo someone you find interesting

3. You will be notified if he/she opens the chat then you can start your conversation

Social media has been buzzing with hilarious memes circled around “Netflix and chill.” Check them out below. Download the app in your app store!




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