CNN’s GOP debate at Reagan Library in California didn’t help Donald Trumps candidacy for President at all. According to the Political Prediction Market from CNN and Pivit, Trumps odds of winning GOP nomination fell 8 percent from it’s original 20 percent.

CNN explains that the Political Predict Market is “a game run by the company Pivit that uses polls and other factors and input from players who weigh in on the increasing or decreasing chance that a candidate or party wins or loses an election.” It takes a percentage of odds of winning before and after the debates, displaying the differences due to how people think they did during the debate.



As you can see in the chart above, Trump, Carson Cruz, Kasich and Walker all decreased in odds, Trump taking the hardest hit. Bush, Fiorina, Rubio and Christie increased their odds, with Rubio heightening his odds the most.

The first debate saw some major leaps in numbers on the Political Prediction Market from CNN and Pivit. According to Pivit, the odds of former New York Gov. George Pataki dropping out and discontinuing  the race by Nov. 1 went up 15 percent, placing his odds at 55 percent. The other candidates on the market didn’t even reach close to that amount of movement.

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